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Does Social Media on Your Smartphone Make it Easier For Thieves to Steal your Identity?

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By using our apps you can keep the Thief out of your phone even if you loose it, you monitor him! Recent studies show that the incidence of identity theft has increased by 13% from 2010 to 2011 according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. Much of the identify theft is a result of security breaches and also from revealing too much information on social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. In fact, “LinkedIn, a site most users consider more “business” than “social,” had the highest identity-fraud incident rate, at 10%, versus 5% for the general population, the Javelin study found”.

A significant amount of identity theft results from not protecting your information on a Smartphone securely. Smartphones are an indispensible tool with which to manage your life, photos, music, business and calendar. You can do so much with your Smartphone that it is very easy to accumulate a huge amount of data on your Smartphone just as you have on your computer. A large amount of information, all about you, on a nice little hand held device presents same sort of problems as a computer when it comes to backing up your data and keeping it secure.

If you lose your Smartphone or if it is stolen, it can be just the beginning of big problems. Even if it is only lost, the person who finds your Smartphone is very likely to snoop through your information and may even try to access your bank account.  If your Smartphone is stolen the amount of data on your Smartphone can open numerous doors leading to identity theft

Below are some easy steps that you can take to help you manage your data and protect it from snoopers and thieves. A key tactic for those who have everything on their smartphone is to backup that data to a cloud based service. Retina-X Studios, developers of  world class mobile phone monitoring software applications, offer a FREE app that allows you to do this with ease.  In addtion, remember to:

1- Keep your Smartphone OS up to date. It is a computer you hold in your hand and deserves the same attention you give to a personal computer.

2-Protect the access to your data with a super strong password.  You don’t want someone to be able to easily access your Smartphone data. A strong password is your first defense.

3-Purchase a strong security program for your Smartphone, a thief may be able to access your Smartphone data wirelessly as well as physically gaining access to your Smartphone.

3- If you have multiple Smartphones you will likely need to synch them as well as synching them to your personal computer, a software program will let you do that easily and quickly. Your data will be up to date, regardless of how you are accessing it. Many of these synching software programs also provide for data storage in the cloud so your data is secure in case of a computer crash or lost or stolen Smartphone.

4-Look for a synching software that lets you lock down access to your data in case your Smartphone is ever lost or stolen. You can even wipe your data if you want. This way even if a thief breaks your password they will still not be able to access your information and it will be safe and waiting for you in the cloud. Some of these programs, like those offered by Retina-X Studios also have a GPS locating software to give you a much better chance of finding your lost or stolen Smartphone. For more details check this website.


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